January 24, 2015

Welcome, Pippin!

In my end of the year post, I mentioned that we had a new addition to the family. We adopted a dog on December 18th from Companion Pet Rescue in Southbury, CT! CPR is an amazing rescue group that picks up dogs from high kill shelters in western Tennessee and brings them to New England to find their forever home. In TN, there are no licensing laws to encourage spaying/neutering pets, so there are a lot of “oopsie” puppies that end up in shelters that are overrun and can’t afford to feed and house so many animals. By bringing these dogs up to Connecticut, they are much more likely to find a loving home, instead of being needlessly killed.

Pippin is some kind of Yorkie mix. (Theories about the rest of his lineage include: Rat Terrier, Chinese Crested, or even Miniature Poodle?!) Weighing in at a whopping 8lbs, Pip came to us fully grown; we estimate he’s 2-3 years old. Since he is not a puppy, it’s even less likely he would have found a home in TN, and he was on the road to be put down before Companion Pet Rescue swooped in to save him! We are forever grateful to have connected with this awesome team that brought us our newest family member. Pippin is a sweetheart- so sensitive, very smart, and he absolutely loves to cuddle. And he came to us already house broken- bonus points!!

I didn’t want to overwhelm him with photography when we first brought him home; Pip had been through a lot. From being abandoned / losing his original family, then spending almost a month in two shelters, traveling across the country in between, we wanted him to really relax and become adjusted to his forever home with us. He’s been with us a little over a month, and he’s already way more comfortable. His body language is more confident, he loves to play fetch and tug (when we first got him, he didn’t seem so sure about playing with us) and he’s eager to do obedience training every day. This photo session was a great way to practice “stay” when there are distractions, and Pippin did great!

I can’t even comprehend how this beautiful soul was ever in danger… There are so many dogs and cats who need homes, so please consider adopting your next pet!!

Collage 1

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