March 12, 2020

Health & Safety Policies

I am frequently asked about the safety precautions I take in regard to portrait sessions. Because I work primarily with expectant mothers, infants and children, I take this issue very seriously! The safety of your children and your family is my highest priority. That is why I have the following health & safety policies in place for every session:

Fever & Illness:
You and your child must be fever-free (without ibuprofen or other assistance), with no vomiting or diarrhea, for at least 24 hours prior to your portrait session. You will not lose your deposit for rescheduling due to illness.  I primarily photograph pregnant women, newborns and children. This policy is to keep them safe! I am happy to reschedule for a time when your family is feeling better.

Because I allow family pets and snacks in my studio, please notify me ahead of time if you have any allergies (to pets, food, or anything else) so I can be sure to create a safe environment for you and your family prior to your session.

Washing & Cleaning:
All fabric wraps and blankets are machine washed in hot water after every session. All accessories and props are hand washed and disinfected with a baby-safe lysol equivalent. All frequently touched surfaces in the studio (including changing table, coffee table, doorknobs, etc) are disinfected after every session. All items that cannot be effectively washed & disinfected (such as loose wool fluff) are disposed after the session.

I vaccinate because I know not everyone can. These days, vaccination can be a controversial topic. I’m not here to debate the issue; the reality is that there are a variety of reasons – be they religious, health related or otherwise – that people cannot or will not vaccinate their families. It is a common misconception that breastfeeding babies have the immune system of their mothers and therefore cannot get sick. While this is partly true (breastmilk does supply antibodies), the baby is still highly susceptible to anything that the mother *doesn’t* have an immunity for, such as a particular strain of flu. Please rest assured that I am up to date on all relevant vaccines for our area, in addition to receiving the yearly flu vaccine as soon as it’s available.

Safe Poses:
Newborns always need support for their heads and gentle care for their neck. Every baby in a prop requires a spotter, as well as babies who are still figuring out that whole “sitting” thing. I will edit out mom or dad’s hands in the final image – I’d rather take some extra time in photoshop than take even the slightest risk of injury to a child. For newborns: Not every pose works for every baby! If they are not comfortable or flexible enough to settle into a particular pose while sleeping, we need to move on and/or make modifications to that pose so that it can be done in a safe way for your child.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through these policies. If you have any remaining concerns, or if your family has any special needs in regard to health & safety, please do not hesitate to contact me.